About Us

A Story of Global Glassware Sourcing

Stella Baicø is a dynamic brand that seamlessly unites Europe and Asia, with deep roots in both Germany and China. Our name tells our story: Stella, a guiding star illuminating the path, and Baicø, inspired by the exquisite formula of ancient Asian glassware.

We take pride in reviving the essence of age-old trade routes, where intrepid merchants ventured into distant lands in pursuit of unique products to cater to diverse needs. At Stella Baicø, our longstanding relationships with suppliers are built on trust and reliability, as we continually explore new avenues and personally visit potential partners.

As we uncover extraordinary treasures from across the globe, we're committed to bringing them to you. With Stella Baicø, you'll experience a world of remarkable handblown glassware, no matter where they originate.