Frequently Asked Questions

What are your shipping times?

Shipping with air freight takes usually around 5-10 working days until the glassware arrives at your place. For large orders you will have the possibility to choose sea freight which will then take 3-5 weeks in total.

Do you deliver to ...?

We deliver unique glassware to the whole EU and Georgia. For delivery to all other countries please contact our support@stella-baico.com

Can you help me source a specific product?

We can surely try. We know our producers well and will know directly which one we can ask. Handblown glassware, ribbed glasses and many other glassware wholesale options. Just send us what you need and we will go into it.

Can I pay on Invoice?

To a certain amount yes. We do need a down payment for wholesale orders which can range from 10-50% depending on size, product and shipping method.